The Man On The Roof  by Michael Stephenson (Book Review #453)

The Man On The Roof is a psychological mystery-suspense thriller story with multi-layers of stories combined into one book. A murder occurs during the holidays, and everyone wants to find out who did it. Some odd characters surrounded the neighborhood, and the dynamics of it all really made things complicated.

At times it was hard to read what characters perspective was being told or I had to go back and read again in order to understand who was talking. However, the book kept me intrigued and the thrill of it all remained stable until the end.


What I found most interesting was that although most of the neighborhood claimed that they did not know much about the boy who had been killed, they all seemed to still have certain ties to the boy.


The book contains material that may not suit a younger generation, and therefore caution is advised. I recommend this book to people that enjoy dark fiction and thrillers.


Written by Jeyran Main

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