The Archetype of the Number and its Reflections in Contemporary Cosmology by ALAIN NEGRE (Book Review #454)

The Archetype of the Number and its Reflections in Contemporary Cosmology assesses the relationship between science and spirituality in a novel way. By using a transdisciplinary approach the author proceeds to discuss this relationship using archetype numbers. Following the works of physicists such as Jung, Pauli, and von Franz, the author displays a phenomenal amount of knowledge convincing the reader that numbers have both quantitative and qualitative characteristics. He demonstrates how archetypes are dimensions of space and time.

The author has worked in the field of semiconductors and has taught physics and electronics in Tunisia and other places. Therefore, I found the book to be extremely educational. I appreciated his honesty in wanting us to see the universe in a different light. It was apparent that much work had gone into him wanting to discuss matters individually and then summing everything to conclude his understanding.


I believe this book suits readers that are into theoretical physics, mathematics, numbers and algebraic symbols. I found the literature strong and the subject matter to be fascinating. The author has much potential for creating great work and I look forward to reading more from him.

Written by Jeyran Main

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