Tag: mystery-suspense

The Ticket by Fred Shackelford (Book Review #780)

The ticket is a mystery/suspense story about Channing Baxter, a gambler and philanderer. He happens to win the Mega Million lottery. Since he is unhappily married to Susan and wants to give her nothing out of the win, he schemes the funds and has… Continue Reading “The Ticket by Fred Shackelford (Book Review #780)”

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The Man On The Roof  by Michael Stephenson (Book Review #453)

The Man On The Roof is a psychological mystery-suspense thriller story with multi-layers of stories combined into one book. A murder occurs during the holidays, and everyone wants to find out who did it. Some odd characters surrounded the neighborhood, and the dynamics of… Continue Reading “The Man On The Roof  by Michael Stephenson (Book Review #453)”