Dark Chains by Latasha Braxton (Book Review #461)

Dark Chains is an autobiography self-help book. LaTasha has a moving story to tell. Being abused from a young age she endures some harsh circumstances. The words are strong, real and the abuse is hard to even read but one has to face the truth that these things do happen and how it can affect a human being.

The difference this book had with many other autobiographies was the way the author portrayed her feelings, experience, and her relationships. Speaking of dysfunctional family, unresolved affairs is not easy to express and this book truly touches your heart and may even make you shed some tears.


This autobiography also touches on spirituality, God, and religion. It demonstrates how the human spirit can break a cycle of abuse, in order to save themselves from terrible misuse.


Sometimes in life what we lose or do not achieve does not necessarily set us back. We strive forward and if in fact, we fail in receiving love, given the situation, we love back more.


I recommend this book to people that enjoy reading self-help books and believe in spirituality.


Written by Jeyran Main

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