The Shatter Point by Jon O’Bergh (Book Review #465)

The Shatter Point is a horror fiction written in the Pasadena. Donna and Phil have moved into a neighborhood and create a place called the torture place. They tape the experience and then post it online.


The book is a perfect Halloween gift. It contained every delicious horror content one strives from at this time of the year. The story certainly contained a thrilling status of its own with characters that engaged the reader, wanting to know more as I read along. The pace was slow which sometimes annoyed me, but I felt that made the ending sweeter.

The story did certainly mix a ghost story into the character development. The work contained much creativity and that I think made it different from other thriller stories.


The storyline is told from a third person. I would have preferred this to be done from a one-way perspective. While it did provide a wider view of things, it would have been more intense had it been told from a certain character.


People who enjoy horror stories would find this book to be refreshing. I believe the author has the potential for producing good material.


Written by Jeyran Main

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