Writing Tips – How to be a Better Writer? by Jeyran Main

Writing Tips – How to be a Better Writer? by Jeyran Main


Some of the best tips on writing and ways of becoming a recognized author have been widely discussed in the past. Writing may come very easy to some and hard to others, however, what has always mattered is the quality of the material presented.

From what I have read and understood throughout the years, here are some tips I believe work really well for people who wish to become better at writing.


Tip Number One:


Don’t think about editing your work, as you write. Remind yourself that you will go over it again after you have finished. By doing so, you force your brain to just focus on free flow writing.


Tip Number Two:


Write on a regular basis. The more you practice, the better you get to write. Spend at least thirty minutes a day just to jog down ideas, and soon you will realize that your style, speed, and voice has changed since the first day.


Tip Number Three:

Accept criticism and welcome it as much as you can. Be thankful that someone is willing to say something about your work, even if you think it may be wrong.


Tip Number Four:


Try alternating between words. Avoid repeating the same words as you write.


Tip Number Five:

Read from the great authors. Subconsciously, you will start writing better and realize that the quality of your literature will improve from reading high-quality material.


There are plenty more tips that can be added to this list. Feel free to let me know of any more you have learned as well!


Written by Jeyran Main


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3 Comments on “Writing Tips – How to be a Better Writer? by Jeyran Main

  1. Even though my comment is later than usual in this Instant e-Age, tips #1 and #2 will cover most of the other writing “sins” just by themselves. Even with this later-than-usual comment, and probably for the next 200 years also.

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