Introducing King David the Messiah – Walking With God by King David (Book Review #482)

I was born King David, yet I didn’t know that until I received a rev- elation from God back in the mid-1990’s.

“He” took me through a long and difficult journey, in which I’ve grown stronger as a result.

Introducing king David, is a religious book discussing spiritual matters that matter for those who wish to know more on Christianity. This book is very short and contains single page examples on topics such as harmony, serenity, clarity, racism, hooliganism, and more.


Every section believes to wish to define certain things in examples and quotes. He even tells you how much to spend if you wish to play poker. I found the literature to be very easy to understand.




Isaiah 65:17 The Stone Edition “For behold, I am creating new heavens and a new earth; the former [events] will no longer be recalled and will not be taken to heart.”

I believe, based on the length and content, this work would suit someone who wishes to have a very breezy read on materials that are religiously inclined.


Written by Jeyran Main


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