The Blood Prince by Marie Blanchet (Book Review #481)

The blood prince is a story about an empress who is evil and a fallen prince seeking to take the throne. By rallying his supporters Gangav, the prince truly tries to pick a fight. However, things take a bad turn, and he has to work with Alexander, Sasha, and others to save the rebels from a sickness, and there is a suspected spy amongst the crowd. They need to move to save themselves.

I predominantly enjoyed how Rainbow’s world setting was done. The dragons and rebellions were a good combination of a plot story. A human is a dictator, and Alexander has his own issues with Sasha. The dynamics of the characters were well drawn.

This book is the first of a trilogy. I believe the story contained more action than backstory. This would have not been an issue if the story was to be a standalone, however, from what I read, I believe this was not to be the case. Therefore, it could have benefited with more history.


Having said this, I found the book to be strong filled with love, friendship, and vibrant relationships.


Written by Jeyran Main

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