How to Write A Book? by Jeyran Main

How to Write A Book? by Jeyran Main


There are fundamental steps in order to write a book. Many authors work differently but based on the many books I have read and reviews, I have written, I believe the following is the best way to write a book.

The initial step is to actually start writing. This may sound redundant but, a book cannot be written if the author does not spend time writing it.

The second step is to stay motivated and not to give up. There will be times where you will feel as if you are wasting your time or what you are writing is not good enough. However, plan ahead for these sad times and prevent yourself from falling behind.


The third step is to finish what you have started. No matter what, make sure that measures have been taken in order for you to finish the work.


  • Decide what the story is about
  • Set a time and word count on a daily basis
  • Try writing at the same spot every day
  • Set a total word count for the entire work
  • Set yourself deadlines
  • Get feedback early on
  • Truly finish the book
  • Get ready for rejection
  • Write again


Many books get published on a yearly basis and if you wish yours to stand out or to become a bestseller, then I believe these steps will definitely guide you in becoming successful.


Feel free to let me know if you wish to add to this list.


Written by Jeyran Main


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