Celebrating 3000 Followers!

What an adventure It’s been since I first began this blog! It’s such a privilege to connect with authors and publishers, through this platform. I have received an overwhelming amount of support by you lovely followers and wanted to just let you guys know how much I appreciate being part of this community.

From book editing or manuscript evaluating, to book reviews and blogging, I have learned so much more than I imagined.

Currently, my website has 10,084 followers, and I wholeheartedly believe that this would have not occurred had it not been for the love we all share for reading, writing, and books. Thank you for being there all the way and for sticking it through with me.

3000 WordPress followers are fantastic!

Let’s see what more we have accomplished together. We have a great Facebook page with 1735 likes and 81 people giving it 5 stars. A beautiful book group with 682 members and over 7000 twitter followers!

I have over 500 Book reviews accomplished, over 10 books edited, published, and manuscripts evaluated.

To let you know how much I appreciate you, here is an incentive:

“The secret to massive instant wealth is…. Oooo, look, a pretty butterfly!”

Yeah! I got you there, didn’t I?

Keep reading, believe in yourself and follow your dreams. You can do it.

If you would like a book review click here

If you would like your book edited click here

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17 Comments on “Celebrating 3000 Followers!

  1. Jeyran – Thank you for including me as part of your journey. I love the reviews you did of my books and I appreciate the opportunity you’ve given me to participate as a guest blogger. I’m looking forward to your site’s continued growth.

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  2. This is a fine milestone, Buddy. The next 3,000 will certainly come a little more quickly, but likely at least as much hard work as the first 3K! You are clearly very much appreciated by your following.

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