I Came, I Saw, I Coffeed – by Bruce Miller (Book Review #12)


Our very own Sex & the City story with a twist, this time, we go through a male’s perspective point of view. The Author dates around in hopes of finding his “Carrie Bradshaw”

This book is about Bruce and his decision to start dating again and what he experiences when he is back into the market. The women are all very friendly, have good jobs, looks and are pretty well endowed.

Bruce drinks a lot of “coffees” as he searches for what is out there. His witty style of writing does bring fun and laughter to the collection of the stories, within this book and after a while reading in, you kind of start hoping for a happily ever after. The stories are so short that you don’t find time falling attached to any one of them before you move on to the next.

At the end of every short story, there is a quote of some sort. Each quote is related to the story read and provides a particular summary for the section. I thought that this approach was a neat idea, and I liked it.

The purpose of the writer is clearly stated By himself. He went on a voyage to finding love and learned some valuable lessons. With this book, the Author wishes to share that experience to help others in the same position as him. The impression left was a nice one. It was very easy to read and to follow. I would recommend this book to anyone that just wishes to cuddle up with a book, on a cold winter’s day and accomplish a fast read.

The ending was good, however; if you are one of those that likes a fairy-tale ending, then you are short out of luck. Love is hard to find and when found, does not necessarily come with fireworks. In the case of our Author, he felt that we should not seek love but love shall find us.


Written by Jeyran Main

I was given this book by Author, Bruce Miller &  J.D. Jung, UnderratedReads for a review. 

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