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Why Write? By Aidan Mc Nally

Why Write? By Aidan Mc Nally I have penned my memoirs and have found the whole book experience and the business of books an eye opener to say the least. Though, I am quite happy to be learning all the time. It is learning… Continue Reading “Why Write? By Aidan Mc Nally”

Celebrating 3000 Followers!

What an adventure It’s been since I first began this blog! It’s such a privilege to connect with authors and publishers, through this platform. I have received an overwhelming amount of support by you lovely followers and wanted to just let you guys know… Continue Reading “Celebrating 3000 Followers!”

My Book Group

  Hello, My Dear Followers, I wanted to let you all know about this wonderful group I have on facebook. I have included a link below. It’s a great way to promote your book if you are an author and allows you to meet… Continue Reading “My Book Group”