Why Write? By Aidan Mc Nally

Why Write? By Aidan Mc Nally

I have penned my memoirs and have found the whole book experience and the business of books an eye opener to say the least. Though, I am quite happy to be learning all the time. It is learning new things that keep me interested, but that’s not all. Why write? Many ask the same question and often. I have written my books not as therapy but definitely as a way to take feelings from inside of myself and put this emotion into and the actual object. How can emotion carry across through text? I don’t really know, to be honest, it just has a way of hitting the readers, I guess.

Writing has become not only a hobby to me but a career. I write daily now and am continuously keeping up to date with all web and social media platforms where I continue to spread the word about my books and hopefully encourage many to come and read them. I found myself wanting to know more about life, and I had many questions that no matter in what way I asked them I always heard my own questions to have a serious underlying tone of WHY?

In an effort to help me overcome some personal tragedies and to help me view my own life outside and in front of me, the writing was and has still been the perfect remedy. I sincerely recommend writing to anyone for whatever reason they see fit. It is through writing that my mind has cleared and my own emotions have found balance. It is writing that has shown me some of my own great power and through writing, I can speak to you all at any given moment. This is a great companion to have.


Written by Aidan Mc Nally

If you would like to know more, please do stop by and say hi, my handle on Facebook and Twitter are the same @TWOsonsTOOmany, and you can also find my books and links on my website (still toying around with this one)  https://wordpress.com/view/amcnallyauthor.wordpress.com

You will find links to my books, some poems and blog link too.

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