My Family Record Book by Harris N. Rosen (Book Review #532)

My family record book is a self-help book providing an easy way to record every final wish you have. At times like this, it is very hard to think straight and know what information is exactly needed or what needs to be done. This book provides a step to step guide into precisely what needs to be accomplished. In addition, it is a great way to have your family know all your financial situation, books, contact information, properties, affairs, passwords, and so much more.

I found the book to be very organized and well put together. The author has gone beyond the normal general things and has dug deep into everything possible matter that could be important.


I strongly recommend having a book like this for yourself or as a gift to an elderly friend. The book is a road map and can be used as one. The appreciate the author’s skill in coming up with such an idea and look forward to reading more from him.


Written by Jeyran Main

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