True Mercy by Idelle Kursman (Book Review #531)

True Merci is a crime fiction story written about Marina and Adam. Marina is captured and abused by human traffickers. She manages to escape once her ship stops at New Jersey and meets Adam who has Autism. Both have their own problems as Adam is also facing the loss of his mother. He, however, embraces her and Adam gets involved with Marina as her capturer does not give up finding her.

In addition to this dynamic, Adam’s father is also a character worth mentioning. Bruce who is recently widowed cares deeply for his 18-year-old Autistic boy and wants what is best for him. The trio has to deal with many things as the reader gets to have a better understanding of what truly happens to girls and women who are abducted and people who have Autism. I also enjoyed reading about the love a father can have for his son.


I found the literature to be very well written. Having to write such a delicately sensitive story would have needed a skillful author in order to express the appropriate emotions for every scene.


The pace was steady, and the characters had strong personalities. This added to the texture of the storyline and as the dialogue between them continued It was easy to bond with the story.


I recommend this story to crime fiction readers.


Written by Jeyran Main

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