Strange Events Even for an Apocalypse By Jamie Horwath (Book Review #530)


Strange events even for an apocalypse is a science fiction story about John Brightman. John is a prisoner and has certain important information implanted in his occipital lobe. Ashley, an agent, decides to rescue John and to take him to the elders, underground. The story takes on characters from the previous books and a team is created. The adventure begins with saving humanity once again.


I had read ‘A breath before sunrise’, before this book and so fell very much into the flow of the story. The length of the novel was much longer and that added to the appreciation of its literature and storyline. The pace was steady and what stood out for me were the characters working off each other in dealing with the scenarios they were facing.


I believe the strength of the story was the dynamic of the group and the author managed to deliver an ambitious and intellectually strenuous story.


I was expecting the same quality of work and literature since I had read the previous book. I recommend this to science fiction fans and suggest that they begin with reading the previous books.


Written by Jeyran Main

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