Screams before dawn by Heinrich Von Wolfcastle (Book Review #546)

Screams before dawn is a collection of twelve short horror stories. Each story is a love letter filled with contents such as regret, dystopian nature, dark humor, fear and Halloween style haunting storylines. The author covers most horror subgenre categories and is most suitable for people who enjoy that line of suspense.

I found the literature to be descriptive and very suitable for the genre at hand. With such being a horror book, it needed to be detailed and have a visionary status with the reader being able to picture every scene. I was impressed to know that even though the stories were short, the author still managed to maintain that necessity.


The pace of the stories added a thrilling kind to the story. I particularly enjoyed the last day on earth and appreciated the concept of understanding that people are just as horrific as the monsters they imagine.


Due to the book being a collection it would also be very suitable for people who like to read short stories and come back to read more later on.


Written by Jeyran Main


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