The Preferred Observer by Matthew Bruce Alexander (Book Review #545)

The preferred observer is a science fiction novel about a plague that has taken over Earth. The Rouge was brought by the Martian microbes killing thousands. A team of odd characters ends up working together in order to fight this plague, and the dynamic of it all is what makes this book stand out.

Each chapter is dedicated to a character resulting in solid character background and growth. This matter not only overplayed the science and intelligence of the fantasy into place but also added more depth and meaning its complexity.


The way the story is written leaves room for so many sequels. The strength the author has in writing and his intellectual concept of storytelling allows the reader to really hook onto the book.


I particularly enjoyed the act of interpretation playing a leading role in the storyline. The bringing together of all the characters and how they all interconnected in such diverse settings was admirable.


The literature was descriptive and raised some thoughts about the legal system and what indeed can be the meaning of certain aspects of its performance such as kidnapping or legal execution.


I recommend this book to people that like to read dynamic and intelligent science fiction stories.


Written by Jeyran Main

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