Dragonborn (Between Gods and Mortals Book 1) by Whitney Rines (Book Review #544)

Dragonborn is a young adult novel written about a God names Fayet falling in love with a mortal woman named Ayshir. The story revolves around the repercussions that they face over the family they build. The fantasy story takes you into various dimensions of worlds which can only be imagined through the graphic nature of its literature, the characters are relatively relatable and thought to provoke.


I have read similar style stories like this, and so, it did not stand out for me as a novel idea. However, the story was easy to follow and read. I found it perfect for the first-time fantasy reader and someone who wants to experience a brisk read of a storyline.


The concept of the meddling Gods was my favorite part as it brought unwanted twist and turns to create an exciting and captivating scene.


The literature was, and I think that is what made the story enjoyable to read. Having that fall apart as well as the normality of the storyline, I believe, would not have turned out as good as it did. I deem the author has potential in great storybook writing and can advance in working on character background and growth to really create that impression.


I recommend this book to fantasy and sci-fi readers.


Written by Jeyran Main


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