The Wonderful Whippet of Winifred by Philippa Stasiuk (Book Review #563)

The wonderful whippet of Winifred is a thriller mystery written about Winifred and her show puppy named Shumba. As Shumba begins to win, other dogs start to disappear. Freddy and Eli get together to find out who and what is behind the incidents creating an exciting, thought-provoking fictional story.

I usually don’t comment on cover books, but I liked this one. The pace of the story was fast, and the storyline was quite thrilling. The thoughts and ideas that it provokes for you to figure out who is behind the mystery were refreshing. The work is suitable for young children as well as young adults.


The literature and dialogue between the characters were in sync with the genre it was meant to be. Anyone who loves dogs or enjoys reading stories about them would relish having this one.


There were many twists to the story, but the ending is a shocker. I admired the cleverness of the author’s ability to carry the readers mind up until the end, revealing such a completion.


I recommend this book to people who enjoy stories about animals especially dogs.


Written by Jeyran Main


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