The Serpent and the Eagle by Edward Rickford (Book Review #565)

The Serpent and the Eagle is book one of Tenochtitlan Trilogy. This historical fiction is set in 1519 where Motecuhzoma leads the Mexica Confederacy. Mesoamerica has been happy for years and the nation prosperous, however, just like every other story, peace is not to stay as Hernando appears and has other plans for the land.

The story is told through many perspectives covering many aspects of his historical Spanish tale. This enabled the storytelling to be multi-dimensional and created the necessary dynamics it needed to impact the reader. I believe that is what made this book different.

The pace of the story reflected the complex content, and the power struggle between the characters was evident throughout the thrilling adventure. The story was beautifully written, and I admired the ability of the author in portraying the notion of reliving a story so delicately put together for a reader who would have absolutely no idea about its origin.

The literature was of perfection. From description, history reciting, skill in the retelling, to the creativity of work, all deserved applause.

The Spanish Cortes’s character, in particular, his dialogue, intentions, plans, were what set the story in somewhat a dynamic sense of a tale.

I recommend this book to historical Spanish readers and alike.

Written by Jeyran Main

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