The Azazel Syndrome (The Azazel Series) by J. E. Kennedy (Book Review #592)

The Azazel syndrome is a dystopian science fiction novel written set in the future 2034, New York. America’s financial state is in dire need of a change for the better. Basic needs are tough to find, and Hatch Doran is trying his best to survive under such conditions. He and his friends work as a broker, but even that is not cutting it. Luck strikes and he is asked to transport an artifact, and that is where the story takes an interesting turn. The artifact has its own mind and begins to turn Hatch.

I found the story to be very compelling. I particularly enjoyed the time setting in the world. The author describes this futuristic ecosphere to be a very harsh state of living, and it was felt. As Hatch becomes obsessed, you could see how the character was developing, and I believe that was where the strength of the writing was apparent. The cover of the book was also designed to appeal.


I believe this book would be suitable for dystopian fans and people who like to read stories set in the future.


Written by Jeyran Main

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