Never Speak by (Murderous Arts Series Book 1) by John Manchester (Book Review #590)

Never speak is a psychological fiction thriller. This is book one of the Murderous arts series. It is about Ray watts, a New York artist who is struggling with keeping his head above the waters. Things aren’t going very well for him, but when he decides to change things around by writing about a cult he used to be part of with his ex-wife, things change for the worse. The book he wants to write is to save him from the situation he is in. However, it comes with consequences.

What I liked about the book was that an author was writing about a writer trying to save his life through his skill. The protagonist’s character was funny and exciting to read. The pace picked up as you read along and became more intense towards the end.

The literature was intriguing. The plot in its entirety was suspenseful and had you follow to the end however since it is to be a continuation of a series, I was expecting a little more foundation and groundwork for the possible future series yet, what did exist was well written for the book.

I recommend this book to fiction fans and to people who like thriller stories.


Written by Jeyran main

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