Last Girl Standing by Marjory Kaptanoglu (Book Review #589)

Last girl standing is a science fiction novel written about a town named Los Patos, that gets contaminated from its water supply and turns everyone into automatons. Only Sierra and a few friends end up safe due to not drinking of the water. Soon they group up together in order to save the town from what appears to be an evil plan in order to take over the city.

Sierra is only 17, and she feels responsible for helping out others finding out what is happening to her town. Los Patos is beautifully described and the town people are in serious trouble. Once the city is under quarantine, things get much, and I believe the pace picks up into creating a compelling novel.


The literature was suitable for young adult fans. The content had enough science fiction material in order to make it a sci-fi however, still maintained a more fictional state of presence. Therefore, I would recommend this book to both style readers. The added humor was also a bonus as its audience always appreciates a small amount of laughter when possible.


Written by Jeyran Main

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