The Good Kill by Kurt Brindley (Book Review #619)

The good kill is a thriller story written about Killian Lebon. He is an ex-Navy SEAL Senior Chief who happens to have an accident in one of his missions. With an explosion at the scene, death threatening injuries and a failed mission, he retires and begins to deal with the trauma and after effects of the endeavor.

His path crosses a woman who he had previously loved, only to realize that she had been stolen, and was to be delivered by a sex trafficking organization. Killian makes his mission in life to stop the person responsible and to end the entire organization altogether.


The story began with explaining a good deal about Killian’s journey and hardship. The author builds the lead character in a very realistic yet strong way. His personality is easily understood and that made the story more relevant. The pace of the book heightens when he falls in a position where he decides to eliminate the people involved in the sex trafficking business.


I found the literature to be detailed and noticed care given with the violent scenes in such a way that it made the book suitable for a general audience. I would, therefore, recommend this story to people who like to read thriller stories.


Written Jeyran Main

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