Boy in the hole by Akiva Hersh (Book Review #659)

The boy in the hole is a fictional story about a boy named Jacob. He is raised by a family filled with many sexual secrets and fantasies. The family’s mental health is not in its best shape of the form and is filled with pervasions. This creates a very hostile and disturbing environment to live. Jacob not only has to protect himself but also his sister.

The story is sad and does make you ponder over simple things one takes advantage of when, in reality, is blessed with. The tale is raw and speaks of emotions that are sweet, sad, dark, and sometimes even humorous.

Jacobs questions everything around him. The family, the city he lives in, and his surrounding people. The story is set in the ’70s. I appreciated the fact that Jacob, despite everything, stood against all the poisonous beliefs, family mishaps, and negative thought. It is definitely not easy for anyone to endure such hardship yet, survive. However, I couldn’t help myself continually expecting more from Jacobs.


I believe the story is suitable for anyone who likes to read about personal growth and is okay with material that is sensitive to read.

Written by Jeyran Main

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