Do it, instead of thinking about it by Dennis Scheel

            Do it, instead of thinking about it by Dennis Scheel


Writing a story, no matter what the length of it is, can be a daunting task. A story must be planned out and checked through a few times for errors, also adding any tidbits to the plot holes there may be. It can be a big project, but whether short or long, if you got no time to write it, it will be a huge task to overcome, not to forget you’ll need the determination.

Determination; the big bad thing, that’s always haunting in the background, never wanting to come forth. (For most of us.) Many are somewhat familiar with the procrastination instead. A piece of common advice says to schedule your time at a specific spot in the day to just write, turn off any distractions such as the phone and internet. What works for me is different, having a word count goal each day does it for me. This is how I have written my first two novels, I kept a schedule and carried it out. They weren’t short either; the first drafts were 108k and 105k words, which of course changed with revisions and editing. My third one is a little different.

But maybe that’s due to wrapping it up? Not wanting it to be done. Either way, it is going slower, but that begs the question? Am I procrastinating, or am I just wanting it done right? Most of us have had been in the phase once where we thought of doing, the ideas in our heads raging with grand ideas to the perfect story, yet when we sat down it was a whole different story. I too have been in this spot of having the great ideas, just weren’t able to get the full thing written. Eventually I did, now I am with the third one, I enjoyed the journey, as I am sure you did. Before I continue, allow me to repeat.

DO! Don’t just think; the great ideas can become great stories, small as well as long ones. Great stories lay on our minds just waiting to come out, merely needing the final push. The push that might do it can be as little as a loved one’s support or life’s challenges that set you into motion, whatever it may be, hope it falls unto you soon, so more stories can enrich us!

Author Bio:

Dennis Scheel has always had the stories running in his head, but not until after his accident, which left him mute and paralyzed on the right side was he able to tell them. After he worked his way back, he wanted to try to tell his story once more since an acquaintance told him there was talent in his poetry, he had been convinced by his ex not to write for ten years, she insisted he had no talent. This time tried in English since all other times failed. Finally, he succeeded, and he never stopped writing since. Which led to the completion of No Way Back- The Underworlds and the sequel Taken With a Dark Desire: The Underworlds


More about Dennis Scheel, go to:

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