My Piece and My Peace: The Autobiography of Brandon A. Rowell by Brandon Rowell (Book Review #672)

My piece and my peace is an autobiography written about Brandon and his life. He has it all and is probably one of the luckiest people having the best life one could imagine. His job, love life, family life, living situation, and his desires in life are all met.

Luck as you have it ruins this beautiful situation, and Brandon loses everything he once held so dear, and that is when the biography takes an interesting turn.


Having it all didn’t seem to be as delightful for me to read than to comprehend how the author felt after losing it all. Eating food from a pantry of leftovers. Or, how he had to stretch his recourses just to make ends meet.


The book had interesting telling, and the reason behind it made the work different from other autobiographies. The author wanted to achieve peace of mind and to demonstrate to others how to accomplish that. In return, he felt that he would achieve some sort of compensation for everything he lost and worked for.


I believe anyone who wants to read about someone hitting rock bottom and then about how he deals with the matter would find this piece to be an interesting read.


I would recommend this book to autobiographer readers and everyone who likes to read on memoirs.


Written by Jeyran Main

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