The Pariah Child: Sarafina’s Return By Natasha D. Lane (Book Review #673)

Sarafina’s return is the second book from The Pariah Child’s series. The story picks up from where it left off with Sarah receiving the news of Lyrica being under attack. She isn’t that young little girl anymore, though. A few years have passed, and she is living in the same town among people who don’t really like her.

The story takes a turn when Sarah finds herself at a loss. She also sees things, and the urge of returning to Lyric runs through her mind and body. She also feels an obligation to her family. All these emotions brought out the best of her character and made the story more appealing.


The bloodshed had increased, and characters like Jacob and Serafina displayed more depth which made the story all the better. I particularly enjoyed the style of the author’s writing. Every sentence felt thought out and presented a well-structured way of storytelling.


The fantasy world of Lyrica has much to say, and I believe a third book can close up some of the sideline stories that were left open. I enjoyed reading this book and recommend it to everyone who likes to read fantasy, adventure stories.


Written Jeyran Main


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