The stories we invent by Louise E Pascual

The stories we invent by Louise E Pascual


There was never a time when I wasn’t making up stories. As far as I remember, life in my head was so much more interesting than reality.

I had numerous notebooks covered in words: stories with very pretty princesses going on adventures, and often stumbling on obstacles of their own doing.

The idea for this book first came to me when I was about fifteen years old. It took about half a document on the family’s computer.

About ten years later, I sat down and started writing the novel, and nothing could have stopped me. I was going through a state of acute loneliness, and the characters who come to life on the page spoke to me and through me. As a child, I had gone on adventures through forests, with dragons and magical rabbits. As an adult, I was now navigating galactic politics and the intricacies of alien and human minds in a world of my own invention. And… I felt that I wasn’t bad at it.

I had wanted to write science fiction since I’d finished reading the Martian Chronicles. Many of the stories in it don’t even mention space, the reader just knows. The science fiction I like and write isn’t just about aliens, or technology, or hyperspace travel: it’s about humans, and how they react to extreme situations, to aliens, to threats to their very existence. What are they going to do? How are they going to feel, in this larger than life world? My characters and I found it out together.

Write what you know, they say. Well, I know anger, and fear, the incredible joy and immeasurable pain of being human.

It took four months of constant writing to get the first draft done, followed by more months of editing, and a tough process of putting the book away, trying to publish it in an unfinished state, then not wanting to have anything to do with it anymore.

Until, one day, the urge came back: I have to finish this story.

So there it is, The Last Erdane, the beginning of the saga. The adventures of a flawed princess ready to take on the entire universe, fueled by anger, pride, and the belief that she has a destiny greater than anyone else’s. Is she right? Time and readers will tell. I already know; I’m telling her story.

About the author:

Louise E Pascual currently lives in France with her fiancé and her cats. She’s currently writing the second book in the Last Erdane series. You can learn more and connect with her on the series’ website and on social media

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