FORGET NORMS – “A Provocative Reasoning” by Neville Diony (Book Review #698)

Forget norms is a self-help book about personal growth and creating new thoughts. The work also touches on social, environmental issues such as being a good Samaritan and assisting citizens in need. The effects of being a people’s pleaser and the ways humans react towards the social impact of the norm are also the prominent conversation of the book.

I felt that the goal was to make the reader strong and in control of its mind. What about the subconscious mind, though? Don’t we as humans show reactions towards matters that we never thought had impacted us? Are we all just some sort of being played? This book allows you to consider all these questions and provides you with the ability to think differently.


As I enjoy sociology and psychological books, I particularly enjoyed reading this one. I admired the author’s daring voice and perspective. I found it refreshing and empowering.


I found the literature to be well written. The work is easy to read and suitable for an audience who likes to read outside the box.


Written by Jeyran Main


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