INTO THE UNBOUNDED NIGHT by Mitchell Kaplan (Book Review #682)

Into the unbounded night is a story set in the first century. The tale revolves around five companions and their struggles surviving the Roman era. The doomed angel, a young woman, a sole survivor of a sacked village, a Roman general are just a few of the characters shaping this story up. Each character has a reason and has a goal to mend or to take revenge over the ordeal they have suffered.

The characters come together delicately and diversely creating a very impelling story. The author is very descriptive in his storytelling. The mystery, suspense and thrilling nature of the plot had me intrigued up until the end. The pace was fast and filled with drama.


I particularly enjoyed Aislin. She is a young character who travels to Rome in order to take revenge on the Roman general, Vespasian. There was a distinct multiplicity issue between who she was and how she was brought up in terms of living and how Romans were.


I would recommend this story to people who like to read stories revolving around Roman times and enjoy thriller mystery stories.

Written by Jeyran Main


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