Out of the night by JONATHAN C. BLAZER (Book Review #686)

Out of the night is a dark fantasy novel written about James. He is a family man who has lost everything he ever loved. His world is filled with ghosts, and James struggles to understand the meaning of staying alive, beating the demons and overcoming his problems.

The author created a powerful protagonist. The story is very long and, at times, feels like a drag; however, I believe that also added to the intensity of the dark novel, paranormal suspense, and apocalyptic nature of the story.


The pace of the story was steady, and the author displayed his skills in describing everything in a way that the reader was instantly locked in, wanting to know more about the outcome.


I particularly enjoyed James’s thoughts, mechanism, and how he dealt with his depressive world. The love he had for his family was admirable.


The book is definitely an experience, and if you enjoy endings that keep you wondering afterwards, then this book is for you. I would recommend this story to anyone who is comfortable reading gruesome scenes, horror content and is quite okay with dealing with depression.


Written Jeyran Main


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