Question Everything by Kristina Rienzi


Question Everything by Kristina Rienzi

True to my bio, I believe in all things paranormal, including aliens. I also question everything and preach about embracing the unknown. A lover of learning, I’m motivated by understanding all sides of topics I’m interested in, like the existence of extraterrestrials. Writing my government conspiracy thriller (with a dash of science fiction), Among Us taught me that not only do I not know the truth, maybe I never will. Better, maybe I’m not supposed to know the truth because not knowing makes the exploration of the truth even more exciting.

Let’s explore.

Question Everything

When I say question everything, I don’t mean you have to go out and research every little thing just to live your life. Paranoia is not the goal. Rather, to be open to the idea that anything is possible. It’s what keeps us curious and excited about life.

Especially, if you’re not satisfied with an explanation you receive, be it on an extraterrestrial or personal level, don’t hesitate to question everything. So many times, we settle for what we’re told, especially when it comes to so-called experts in the media and online because at first blush, it seems to make sense. However, if something isn’t sitting well with you, trust your gut above all. Most things in life are gray areas that need to be explored further if only to open our minds.

In my novel, Among Us, the main character, Marci Simon, does just that—she questions everything with a secret government agency, and her curiosity takes her down a rabbit hole of deadly secrets she never could have imagined were true. It also happened to be the ride of her life, and worth all the risk.

Unleash your inner Marci. Go explore. Be curious. Question everything. You might be pleasantly surprised at what you learn, and the fun you had along the way.

Embrace the Unknown

Still, do we really want to know the truth?

This question came up for me repeatedly while writing Among Us. It’s exciting for me to think about the existence of aliens and some super-secret government agency hiding the truth while writing a story that’s in my control. Analyzing old government documents, researching accounts of disappearances, and underground bunkers where aliens may already be among us. Because it’s fiction, I have the liberty to twist what I learn and interpret information however I choose. Anything goes. And it’s WAY less terrifying because it’s not real.

Or is it? Do I really want to know?

To this day, I’m on the fence with the answer to that question. I’m a curious person so knowing would be power, right? I’m not sure. But, what I do know is that my perception of the world would never be the same. My life would never be the same. I would never be the same.

I don’t know if I’m ready for all that.

Maybe it’s better to think about what we want to think. Dream of all the options and possibilities and play them out in our minds (and in my case, in my books). Be creative with our imaginations. Let the truth be the unknown that motivates us to explore like children do and embrace the unknown, like my mantra states.  

For you, whatever brings about the most peace and the most joy is your answer.

Enjoy the Ride

No matter how you approach life, or the existence of aliens as Marci did in Among Us, be sure to enjoy the ride.

Marci did in Among Us. No matter the danger, she went on the adventure, enjoying every triumph and obstacle along the way. Living her life to the fullest.

Cliché as it may seem, life is super short in the grand scheme of things. Every experience is something to be treasured. Every moment cherished. Every curiosity explored.

If you choose to approach each day with curiosity and an open mind, unexpected adventures, learning, and growth may come your way. So why not get out of your comfort zone and go for it?

Question everything. Embrace the Unknown. Enjoy the ride of life.


I’m grateful to all the readers on this journey of exploration with me. If you haven’t read my books, I hope my words intrigued you to check them out.

Be safe. Be healthy. Be well.


Check out Kristina’s debut audiobook, AMONG US. This new-adult sci-fi thriller was chosen as an April 2019 Audible Editors Select Pick and featured on Audible’s ACX University 2018 webcast series.

Danger lurks in the unknown…

Marci Simon lives a double life: conservative professor of English by day, and controversial blogger of aliens by night. But when a classified document lands in her lap, her two worlds collide in an explosive revelation of shocking and deadly secrets.

Despite imminent danger at every twist, Marci embarks on an unstoppable quest to expose the terrifying truth. Only she never anticipated the entangled nebula of dark lies, nor the never-ending wormhole the government would spiral through to silence her forever.

Knowledge can kill.

And Marci knows too much. With global security at risk, no one can be trusted. To debunk the stratosphere of deceit, Marci races at the speed of light to escape the grips of the clandestine Extraterrestrial Security Agency (ESA) hunting her before she vanishes like all the others. But Marci is unique. Despite being the ESA’s prime target, she’s also the skeleton key to the deadliest truth in the history of the universe.

The nightmare is real, and it’s only just begun. Marci must take a nefarious leap of faith before her options, and her breaths, evaporate into a black hole for all eternity.

“It pulled me in and kept me on the edge of my seat until the final word.”

 ~Chad, Audible Listener

About Kristina:

Kristina Rienzi is a Jersey Shore-based new adult thriller author, certified professional coach, and the former president of Sisters in Crime-Central Jersey. An INFJ and empath, Kristina encourages others (and herself) to embrace the unknown through her stories. When she’s not writing, Kristina is spoiling her baby girl, watching Lifetime, sipping Whispering Angel rosé singing (and dancing) to Yacht Rock Radio or rooting for the West Virginia Mountaineers. She believes in all things paranormal, a closet full of designer bags, beach life, the Law of Attraction, aliens, angels, and the value of a graduate degree in psychology. Connect with Kristina at, on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

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