3 Tips on Targeting the Right Audience For Your Book by Jeyran Main


3 Tips on Targeting the Right Audience For Your Book by Jeyran Main

The first thing you should think of when deciding to sell your book is how often people think about needing the book you have written? How often do they think about their own problems?

You will be surprised to know that many think about their problems, wanting to better themselves and find ways to live a happier life. If you can show them that your book will likely improve this notion, you will succeed in selling your book. Now, let’s see how we can target this audience.

When it comes to advertising and marketing a book, I always ask the author to tell me who the primary audience is. The typical response has ever been, “To everyone who likes this genre”. This is where the problem begins.

Marketing something that is targeted for everyone is just too time-consuming and cost-effective. For example, if your book is about conquering fear, then specify the audience to what kind of fear it is.

Is it fear of dying? Swimming? Flying? Commitment? Categorize your readers and then build a message specific to them.

The second important tip is always to remember that it is not about you. It is about how you can help others. A book that only talks about the author or states individuality won’t be relatable, and so no one will pay money to read that.

Self-help books or memoirs can only attract an audience if it promises a lesson learned or displays a path that demonstrates how the reader can better themselves. If it helps the person, then they will buy your book.


For this reason, a book that primarily talks about the author and provides their opinion usually does not go far unless you are already a famous celebrity. In that case, anything you say or want to sell is credible and sellable.

My third tip is to research the category you have chosen for your book’s audience and then find new sales opportunities.

Who is your target category audience?

Where do they usually get together?

Where do they go to look for such information?

Does your reader prefer the book in a particular format?

 Is your book available on a platform your reader can access and buy?

Is the title of your book clear?

I have read-reviewed-edited over 700 books so far, and I can honestly say that the things I mentioned have been a critical factor for those who have wanted to become successful in publishing.

Brian Jud is the author of the book, “How to make real money selling books.” He is the Executive Director of the Association of Publishers for special sales and the administer of bookselling University. I found reading his book very useful for the reasons I mentioned above.

Target the right audience for your book

and you will succeed much further than just making it for everyone.

Written by Jeyran Main

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