Journeys Through Faladon: The Titan Divide, a Fantasy Novel Created by Over 40 Co-authors


Many fantastic fantasy novels have been created by one author, Journeys Through Faladon: The Titan Divide is the first to be created by 40 co-authors.

The idea for such a significant and ambitious project was realized on ForgeFiction, a platform dedicated to collaborative writing. It allows users to contribute to a plot and story, either by adding to its world or advancing its plot by writing a chapter. For each new addition to the project, users vote for their favorites.

In Journeys Through Faladon: The Titan Divide, the result was an action-packed story to which over forty people have contributed. Each co-author has brought their own creativity, voice, style, and experience to the table and the story is set in an original fantasy world following a cast of fun and interesting characters.

Journeys Through Faladon is one of the first projects to be started on ForgeFiction, and the release of the first installment of the trilogy marks the realization of this groundbreaking method of collaborative writing.


Journeys Through Faladon: The Titan Divide is available on and Amazon.


It has been centuries since the Mountain Birth, a magical calamity that turned the Jödmun from men into… something else.

Part curse, part blessing, the Jödmun need neither food nor shelter, living as veritable stone men. One among them, Ürbon the Wanderer, will emerge from his people’s centuries-long isolation.

A chance encounter with an unusually violent elvish people leaves Ürbon without a ship, without his men, and without direction, changing the course of his life forever.

In a journey across the vast world of Faladon; from the sandy Savarrah desert to the lush Forgotten Isles, the Human Kingdom of Ravenburg to the bustling port-city of Venova, Ürbon will gather to him unlikely friends and dangerous enemies, each seeking a weakness in his stony flesh. This is his tale.

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