The Book of Skulls (Doctresses 1) David Hutchison (Book Review #770)


The book of skulls is a historical crime fiction with a BAME and LBGTQ slant. The story is set in Edinburgh’s Old Town. Liza and Amulya attend the same Medical School. At a riot, they are helped by a reporter, Hector and a student, Campbell. The two men are in a relationship, but Hector also has eyes for Amuyla.

When Liz moves in with Amuyla, she discovers something that changes the course of her life. As Liz becomes Dr. Florian’s assistance, she assists him in an investigation of a series of murders, and that is when the story peaks to another level of a storyline.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

The novel treads on gender-bending, gruesome murders and hidden identities. I enjoyed the sudden revelations and the buildup to what seemed to be the case and then realized it wasn’t.

The literature really takes you back to 1875. I particularly enjoyed the protagonist’s personality. She was strong, determined and was ahead of her time. I believe the author purposely created her this way as she brought the story together and really made it a joy to read.

I recommend this book to historical fiction readers and those who like crime stories.

Written by Jeyran Main

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