Silver the Snow Fairy: Silver Rescues Santa Claus by Jessie Best (Book Review #831)


Silver rescues Santa Claus is a children’s book about Silver saving Christmas by finding the tiny village of Lavender Hollow from the North Pole. The mischief toy Soldiers have captured Santa, and Silver finds herself with a mission. She isn’t alone, though. Her magical unicorn and wolf cub are there to help, and the added mouse makes this book a joyful read for the season.

As a big fan of children’s books, I found this book to be filled with adventure and excitement. I wasn’t a big fan of the book’s cover design, but what entailed inside was enjoyable to read. Children love Christmas, and this book reminisced the same notion for this festive season. The literature was easy to read and written in a way that a child could read the book out loud instead of being read to.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

The pace was steady, and the characters had a loveable personality. I mainly was a fan of the wolf cub. I always find animals a sweet addition to children’s stories, and this book did not shy away from that.

I recommend this book to parents that are looking for a Christmas story for their children.

Written by Jeyran Main

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