Hunting Abigail by Jeremy Costello (Book Review #809)


Hunting Abigail is an intense psychological thriller set in the year 1922. The story begins by talking about a serial killer in London, and a ten-year-old, Abigail, who happens to be the only survivor. She has seen his face and has lost her parents to the killer. People call the monster ‘Valentine Killer,” and the name definitely suits the character. As Abigail grows, she is 19, and a chain of events happen that leaves her stranded on an Island. It is strange and unexplainable when her past catches up with her, which adds even more suspense and thrill to the story’s nature.

As I read along with the book, I noticed how the author skillfully kept the reader intrigued and only revealed what was necessary in order to pace the story out. The literature was layered with underlines of thoughtful, measured scenes, dialogue, and texture.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

I predominantly enjoyed the moments where I had not realized or thought through what was going to happen.

I found the book to be very entertaining to read. The author has the potential to write very good crime stories.

Written by Jeyran Main

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