Tales from an odd mind by Nom D. Plume (Book Review #838)


Tales from an odd mind is a collection of short stories and poems written with various voices, characters, and situations.

The work is divided into three sections, and its unique collection begins with stories that don’t have much closure to them. The second section tells stories of a few interconnected groups that kept reincarnating and finding each other. The third section is comprised of two poems that discuss different areas of the planet and their voices.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

At first, I found the unfinished stories to be annoying but then realized the beauty behind it. I was the one who decided how it was or could have ended. I was the decision-maker, and that was okay.

The book’s cover design caught my eye, and since the book is a collection, I thought it suited the genre very well.

The poems were filled with emotional illustrations and possessed a conversational style rhythm to it.

The book is an obvious attempt to display what the author is capable of. The scenes are written well, and the writing is good.

Written by Jeyran Main

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