Reborn by T.M. Parris (Book Review #852)


Reborn is a political/espionage thriller story set in Hong Kong, China. The story introduces Rose Clarke as a disgraced secret service officer who has been given a task to track John Fairchild, a mercenary down. John has created a network that appears to be trading British intelligence.

The story then takes us to beautiful China, and the characters begin to shine in a well-written story. The tale heavily relies on the Chinese atrocities against the monks of Tibet. I found that interesting to read.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

You also get to learn a few things in this book. The writing is articulate, and the cleverly embedded side stories really paid off, creating a beautiful final.

The characters were well written, and their personalities perfectly bounced off one another. The tale’s backstory and foundation made it rich, and the contrast between right and wrong was thought-provoking.

Book cover designs are really important these days, and this one did a good job. The color combination, images and illustration were spot on.

I recommend this story to anyone who wants to read thriller stories and enjoys stories with strong characters.

Written by Jeyran Main

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