I received an email on my birthday from an author and felt that he deserved some recognition. Thank you for thinking of me and spending the time to wish me a Happy Birthday.

I Am So Glad You Were Born

We got treated to this great phrase by a very talented writer in upstate New York, Anne Marie __________ (last name withheld pending her permission to credit). She had read to us an account of her uncle, who would call each of his nieces and nephews on their birthdays and tell them those wonderful seven words. What a fabulous thing to say to special people!

Jeyran Main, I am so glad you were born. For several years I have watched you read and post a book review just about every day. Every day! Thank you for accepting mine as one of those many, many hundreds. Every writer, and essay contributor who has had the great experience of having you “do” their book or work on Review Tales is no doubt as grateful as I am. You can be assured of that.

So Happy Birthday to you, our friend and hard-working reviewer! One can but wonder how many thousand posts you can credit by the time you reach 94 (eons from now), and finally take a couple weeks off! Meanwhile, we followers all love you. Keep up the good work.

Rod Walters

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