5 Years Later, we are still here :)


5-Year Blogoversary!

It’s 27thSeptember—the day when Review Tales officially came into existence. It’s been 5 years today that we have been serving readers, authors, and book lovers.

We feel very jovial to announce that we are celebrating our 5th birthday at Review Tales. We have come a long way, and we want to take this chance to thank you all who have helped Review Tales grow in any way.

Review Tales has helped publish, edit and review so many books. We are proud of where we are and here’s to the next one and many more to come!

7 Comments on “5 Years Later, we are still here :)

  1. A very rewarding half-decade, certainly so for us readers. I can’t think of a higher honor we can give a reviewer. Let’s do mention that Review Tales did all the work! That work ethic is remarkable, and we can’t help noticing that the pace of published reviews has also increased since the beginning five years ago. A gracious thank you for the gift of the many reviews and interviews to us all.

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