Thinking Outside the Box by Rob Samborn


This article was featured in the magazine.

To say authors are inundated with book marketing & publicity avenues is an understatement. As a debut novelist, I was thrown into the maelstrom head-first. From building a website to social media to advance reviews to press to well, you name it; I felt like I needed to take advantage of every possible opportunity. This left precious time to pursue my original marketing plan, which included out-of-the-box activities that are organic to the story.

THE PRISONER OF PARADISE (TouchPoint Press) is a thriller blended with historical fiction and fantasy, set in Venice, Italy, in the present-day and the 16th century. In the vein of Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander and Dan Brown’s Robert Langdon series, the book revolves around Paradise, the world’s largest oil painting, completed in 1592 by Renaissance master Jacopo Tintoretto. The lead secondary character is a young emerging Venetian artist. Therefore, I’ve always wanted to market the book around art and Venice.

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