Travels with Maurice- An Outrageous Experience in Europe 1968 by Gary Orleck


 “If Nothing Boggles the Minds of Men like the Simple Truth,” Then I have a manuscript that you will not be able to put down. You will anxiously await what will happen on the next page. It is the story of a quiet son of a tire store owner {Myself} and the son of the richest man in the world whose Iranian family was so wealthy it will stagger your imagination.

Their meeting in college along with a simple “Thank You” changed both their lives as they formed an unbreakable friendship while “Coming of Age” during a 19 thousand mile,12 countries mind-blowing adventure the likes of which you have never seen before nor will you ever see again! During that time they formed a friendship with the “ELITE” of the London music scene who discovered and helped to make the careers of, The Who, Elton John, The Rolling Stones, and even the Beatles to just name a few. You will see how a ship is turned around in the middle of the ocean, you will experience dining with Kings and Queens, you will gamble with the Shah of Iran and his beloved wife-Her Royal Highness Empress Farah.

“Every Women Wanted to Be with Him Every Man Wanted to Be Him”

― Gary Orleck

You will learn why she actually became a friend, while also learning the inner workings of the Iranian government, its corruption, and the reasons the Shah was doomed to fail. You will see and learn about places in Europe that few people ever get to enjoy while learning about an uncle who foresaw the coming of the Iranian revolution and planned to move the entire Jewish population of Tehran – 75,000 people to a city he was about to build in Israel at his own expense of 8 BILLION dollars. Only 8 people in the world knew about this at the time and I was one of them who saw the actual 1.2 million architectural designs of this magnificent city. You get to dance with Brigitte Bardot and get rescued out of handcuffs by Shirley Temple Black during the invasion of Czechoslovakia by Russia. 

“NOTHING BOGGLES THE MINDS OF MEN LIKE THE SIMPLE TRUTH – and that is what this book does but in a good way.”

― Gary Orleck

I believe that people would like to know how a nobody from Rhode Island was accepted as an equal by this fabulous wealthy and all-powerful family who lived only 10 doors from the Shah of Iran, while also experiencing firsthand the all-important current events of 1968. With all this being said please join me on a read that you will never forget as you come to realize it’s a true story because nobody could make this story up!

Author Bio

I Grew Up in Lincoln, R.I. which is a Blue-Collar town. Went To Babson University School of Business graduated with a BSBA in 1966. Worked my way around The USA for 6 months. Two years later I traveled with the son of the richest man in the world covering 19,988 miles, 12 countries, and 10 weeks. Then I went to work at Broadway Tire Inc. and 20 years later bought the business. I then owned and operated it for 30 more years before retiring in 2016! In Between, I met and married my wife Ronna and had two beautiful children and now I have 5 grandchildren! The love of travel remained with me, and I’ve been fortunate enough to have visited 75 Countries each in a unique style all my own way, using much of which I learned in my travels with Maurice in 1968. 

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