“Breaking into the Book Club” By Antonio Caruso


When I first put my fingers to the keyboard and started writing my first book. I thought to myself, why are you doing this? And do you think all this time and effort will be worth it? “I was doubting myself because I didn’t think I had the work ethic or talent to write a book. But then I immediately shook off my initial self-doubt and pushed through anyway. I then realized when I finished my book, that the work was just starting. The hurdles and leaps that a self-published author must do complete and publish a book are daunting. I still didn’t care; I was determined to finish something that I started.

My book that I speak of is titled “Under the Red Moon”, it’s a dystopian fiction novella in which a celestial occurrence unlocks a doorway into mortal existence for a returning deity, and his hope for a righteous visit takes a disastrous turn. The ramifications of his prolonged journey, along with his love for a woman, result in catastrophic instability, civil unrest, and potentially world-changing consequences.

Seems crazy right? It may be a high concept, but it’s rooted in everyday life. “Under the Red Moon” is a grand tale told in a simple way that many people can relate to.

I brought this concept to MANY literary agents, who all loved the idea but balked at giving me representation because most of them thought a book idea like this needed a proven name behind it to be commercially successful. I have saved literally every rejection email from each literary agent for motivation and after a lot of hard work and time. I self-published this book myself on Amazon.

This all leads me to a simple self-realization…If you have an idea, and YOU truly believe in it. Don’t let anyone discourage you from doing it. Everyone has their own prejudices when it comes to what they think is “art”. But art is subjective. Creativity and free thought should never be muzzled or stifled in any way.

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