My Story by Spencer Quin


For years I had been thinking about writing a story. There was an idea that I kept thinking about, a scenario, and I felt it was something that needed to be developed. I have always been very technical, I love the sciences, especially math, physics, and computer science. But I have always had a strong creative side as well.

So one day, about 9 years ago, I convinced myself that it was time to start writing down some of these ideas. I started with an outline of what I thought the story should be. I knew there would be aliens; I wanted to dig into that and create a backstory. What would the ships be like? Who were the main characters? What was their backstory? When and where did this take place?

I needed to start somewhere. It turns out that quite a bit of my early work and brainstorming didn’t make the final cut. But that’s OK. I have come to learn, and fully appreciate, that art in any form is a process. I think it’s rare that a masterpiece is made on a first attempt. Even painters will start with adding general colors to the canvas, then larger details, and then pass after pass, finer and finer details.

This was my approach to writing, or I should say, that became my approach and I have read that so many other authors will do the same thing. My advice to a new author, and what I will follow for the next story that I write is this: take all of your random ideas and thoughts and write them down. It’s best to just start. Once this is done, take some time to think about it. Then, when you feel inspired, come back and start writing the story. Just let it flow out, and don’t worry about grammar, sentence structure, or spelling; just write. When you run out of steam, step back and think about it until you are inspired again. Rinse and repeat. Once you have a skeleton of a story, it’s time to start to make it good. Fill in holes, add details, clean it up and make it flow. If you get stuck, try retelling that part from a different angle or throw it out completely. Once you are happy with the content, it’s time for polish and quality.

My goal was simple; I wasn’t done until I could read it once, all the way through, and not make any changes. That drove me to read it over and over, dozens of times. But in the end, all of that editing was worth it. Ultimately, I firmly believe, that if you love it, someone else will too.

Author Bio: Spencer Quin is a new author but a long-time fan of the science fiction genre. To him, there is nothing more fascinating than pondering the possibilities of the future, where we are going, and what it means to our evolution. Aside from writing, Spencer is a technology veteran of over 20 years, having developed or managed the development of software for some of the largest tech companies in the world. He holds three university degrees including a master’s in computer science. He is born and raised in southern Ontario and currently lives there with his wife and 3 sons. Spencer is also an avid music fan, eclectic in his tastes, but especially loves heavy metal. Contact:

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