Reconfigurement: Reconfiguring Your Life at Any Stage and Planning Ahead by E. Alan Fleischauer (Book Review #1324)


Reconfigurement is a self-help non-fiction book about personal finance and planning. It provides the ability to learn how to plan for the future and understand disability insurance, financial planning, retirement, and so much more.

Many are not happy with their jobs and work environment. In this book, the author addresses this matter and stipulates the notion of change. The particularly interesting aspect of this book is that it’s for anyone at any age.

While you seek guidance and instructions when you read a self-help book, this book also educates and provokes the mind. The added humor is a bonus, and the writing is easy to follow and understand. The literature has a certain flow, which supports the reader to take everything in and learn as they read along.

I recommend this book to those interested in investing and financial planning.

Written by Jeyran Main

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