A Little Conversation from Jennifer L. Rowlands

A common question I’ve heard of authors is “What is your writing process?” I’ve answered this question myself, though I questioned it. I mean, what is a writing process? Does the asker just want to know how I find a quiet place where I can comfortably place my hands upon a keyboard? Snoozefest.

Writing is so much more magical than that but, to me, it doesn’t matter where or how it takes place. Most of the time, I write my best scenes in my head in the shower. Yes, naked, dripping wet, spilling over with the most brilliant words and hoping I don’t forget them. Not a pretty sight, but quite productive! Whole books were born in the shower, like my Love & Daisies and The Girl in the Mirror. But, really, this is the part of the process I love so much. Being transported to another place.

Testing out the attitude and language of other people. Pushing limits. And the discovery! Oh, this is my favorite of the favorite. I typically know a general direction a story is going in but, there is so much I don’t know. I’ve scared myself writing a scene where a lead character is being attacked by a wild animal. I tensed up, my eyes were locked open and watching the words fall onto the page, maybe I held my breath, I don’t really know because I wasn’t not where I was, I was where my character was. I was experiencing the moment alongside him, completely oblivious to how it would end. A friend and fellow writer sat by me that night and she asked if I was okay. I was great. It was quite an experience! I’ve made myself shudder, I’ve made myself cry, I’ve even laughed out loud. So, I guess you can say, my writing process is to completely immerse myself in the world and characters I’ve created. A fellow author has commented a number of times on how I write in color.

Maybe it’s because I’m there, seeing, hearing, smelling, feeling, tasting everything in my made-up world. I hope my readers are able to sink into my stories like I do. I hope they are transported to the places I’ve imagined and feel a desire to return there time and time again.

Written by Jennifer L. Rowlands

Author Bio:

Jennifer L. Rowlands grew up in a small town in the Catskills in upstate New York. She’s always had a love for reading and writing. Her first finished, still-unpublished book was written in 2008. Since then, she’s had no shortage of ideas for new stories. But, life is too short and must be lived. Married with two children and a full-time job she loves, Jennifer squeezes in time to write between caring for and spending quality time with her family. Her hope is that, one day, her children will find their own passion.

2 Comments on “A Little Conversation from Jennifer L. Rowlands

  1. Applause! Isn’t it great to see a fellow writer “letting go,” admitting where both the inspiration and the doubts show up, and then “letting go” when she has told her tale? I suspect that part about “dripping wet, spilling over…” is more spectacular than she seems to think, though. Great imagery. As luck would have it, I had read her “The Locket,” and highly recommend her fiction as mature and quite interesting, from this person who doesn’t read very much fiction.

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