An End to Etcetera by B. Robert Conklin (Book Review #1428)


‘An End to Etcetera’ is a mystery suspense book filled with psychological elements. The story begins when Selena Harris is given a case to solve. An autistic child has been murdered, and she has to solve a case and find a troubled kid who is a sociopathic killer.

The more Selena searches for answers, the more she doubts herself. The bond she makes with the isolated boy and how the victim connects with her were such a fascinating thing to read. I truly enjoyed the intensity and thought-provoking style of writing and storytelling it possessed.

The author does a great job keeping the pace steady and adding to the thrill of nature. Selene’s’ personality is great. The psychological side of things was very engaging.

I recommend this book to those who like stories with an edge.

Written by Jeyran Main

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One Comment on “An End to Etcetera by B. Robert Conklin (Book Review #1428)

  1. I’m fascinated, for some reason, by teasing titles with evocative overtones. Even though I’m not particularly a mystery/suspense reader, this one really draws the book browser in. Great cover, to IMO.

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